Admission open (2022-23) for B. Pharm and D. Pharm

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Office Administration

Office Sections

  • Students section which deals with admissions, student data, issue of various documents, etc
  • Examination Section which deals with examination related activities as per the guidelines of the affiliating university.
  • Scholarship Section which deals with the government scholarships received by the students.
  • Account Section which deals with the accounts of the institute.
  • The functioning of the office is monitored by office superintendent and Principal.
  • The office timings are 9.00am to 5.00pm

Rules & Regulations

  • Students admitted to the College are bound by the rules and regulations of the College.
  • Student should follow the discipline and instruction given by the competent authority director/ principal from time to time.
  • Every student must possess the identity card at all times issued by the college.
  • The students must be regular in his/her attendance for theory and practical classes. In case the student’s attendance is less that 80% his/her term will not be granted.
  • In case of absence on account of illness, the Guardian Faculty Member (GFM), and Head of the Department (HOD) should be informed by the parents personally. On resuming the college the student should report to the GFM and HOD along with the medical leave recommendation and fitness certificate.
  • The student name will be struck off the roll calls if he/she remains absent from more than one month without prior written notice.
  • All original documents i.e. marksheet, transfer certificate, migration, entrance score etc., should be submitted at institute on joining, failing which the admission will be cancelled.
  • Student should exhibit ethical behavior in the institute campus.
  • No student shall collect any money or contribution for picnic, trip, and Educational visit to some place, get-together, study-notes, charity or any other activity without prior sanction of the HOD and Principal.
  • Students are expected to take proper care of college property and help the college authorities in keeping the premises clean. Damaging college property e.g. disfiguring walls, doors, fittings or breaking furniture, misuse of fittings, or breaking furniture, misuse of electricity etc. is breach of discipline and the guilty will be duly punished.
  • Students should not leave their books, valuables and other belongings in theclassroom.
  • The College will not be responsible for any loss of personal property. However, Student may make a claim for lost of property at the office, if it had been deposited in the College Office.
  • No pets are allowed to be brought in the college premises.
  • Students using unfair means at examinations will not be readmitted to the College. Action will be initiated against such students as per the norms and procedure prescribed by the University.

Rules & Regulations

  • It is the responsibility of the students to read the notice boards regularly for important announcements made by the College office from time to time. They will not be excused or given any relief on grounds of ignorance or not reading notices.
  • Use of mobile phones is prohibited in the class room, computer lab, laboratoriesand library.
  • The students should not participate in any anti social activities. Chewing gum, tobacco, gutka, smoking and drinking of liquor is prohibited in the premises. Dress code is compulsory in the institute. Agitation on any account is also prohibited.
  • Doing any damage to institute / Hostel / Property is prohibited. Heavy penalty will be charged and student will be expelled from the college and fees will be forfeited.
  • Attendance is compulsory for seminar, guest lectures, examinations, project work etc.
  • Ragging of students in any form is not allowed. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against it.
  • Students if found indulging in anti-national activities contrary to the provisions of acts and laws enforced by the government or in any activity contrary to rules and discipline, will be liable to be expelled from the college without any notice by the principal / director.
  • If any of the statement made in application from or any information supplied by the candidate in connection with his/ her admission is later on at any time, found to be false or incorrect his or her admission will be cancelled, fees will beforfeited.
  • The student should understand and adhere to the code of conduct and notification displayed on the general notice board and the instruction / information contained therein shall be deemed to have been read and noted by the student.
  • These rules & regulations given to the student at the time of admission are considered to have been read and accepted. Students should strictly follow the same. Non adherence of the same shall lead to disciplinary action by the competent authority.
  • Fees being paid at the time of admission is an interim fees, final fees will be finalized by Fees Regulatory Authority (FRA) (MS) / Institute shall be applicable and payable by the students immediately within 7 days without any agitation.
  • The admission will be confirmed after receiving full fees.
  • Only Regular students will be allowed to take admission. In case a student is found Irregular, his/her admission may be cancelled.
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