Alard College Of Pharmacy is Accredited with The NAAC Grade of B+ (2021)

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Cultural Committee

SR No. Name Designation
1. Ms. Rupali Kute (Teaching staff) Committee In charge
2. Ms. Payal Pansare (Teaching staff) Member
3. Mr. Amit Karale (Non-Teaching staff) Member
4. Mr. Chhagan Patil (Non-Teaching staff) Member
5. Ms. Susmita Agte (Student Representative- Final Year B. Pharmacy) Cultural Secretary
6. Ms. Monika Dandwate (Student Representative- M. Pharmacy) Member
7. Ms. Gauri Malwade (Student Representative- Third Year B. Pharmacy) Member
8. Vikas Jadhav (Student Representative- Second Year B. Pharmacy) Member
9. Ms. Kajal Galave (Student Representative- First Year B. Pharmacy) Member
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