Alard College Of Pharmacy is Accredited with The NAAC Grade of B+ (2021)

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Academic Monitoring Committee

SR No. Name Designation
1. Dr. Madhuri Shelar Academic Incharge (M.Pharm QAT)
2. Dr. Nalanda Borkar Academic Incharge (M.Pharm P’ceutics)
3. Mrs. Vasudha Bavadekar Academic Incharge (B.Pharm)
4. Ms. Komal Somvanshi Class Incharge (F.Y.B.Pharm)
5. Ms. Rupali Kute Class Incharge (S.Y. B.Pharm)
6. Ms. Swapna Baraskar Class Incharge (T.Y. B.Pharm)
7. Ms. Kishori Hol Class Incharge (Final Year B. Pharm)
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