Specific Facilities for Women

Please find below list of all specific facilities for women:

Girls Common Room
A separate room for girls has been provided with facilities for rest and relaxation. A single bed to rest, a first aid kit for emergency, a dining table and a mirror have been provided.

Self Defense Classes
Classes are conducted every year to train girl students in self defense by a trainer.

Gender Sensitisation Women Empowerment Programmes
This cell aims at bringing awareness amongst both the gender of students about the needs and issues faced by each other.

It helps in sensitizing the students, faculty and parents towards changing roles of masculinity in the present generation of a predominantly patriarchal society. The female gender is also sensitized against the stereotyping of men about their gender roles and overwhelming and burgeoning responsibilities and expectations from society. Seminars, debates and discussions take place frequently to address gender inequality issues and gender sensitization; sometimes these are spearheaded by experts from NGO’s dealing with such issues. Inequality in terms of literacy, employment, health issues, freedom of expression are some of the issues addressed by way of interactive and participative sessions. Students are taught to support and uplift each other in all walks of life and not deny each other their constitutional rights.

Institution is actively involved with Pinkathon organization to inspire women to achieve higher benchmarks in their physical and mental strengths by organizing Marathons.

Yoga and Health Awareness
This committee in college makes sure to induct women specific activities and programmes such a breast cancer awareness campaign specifically for women apart from various nutrition and diet programmes, AIDS and HIV awareness etc.