Research and IPR Committee


  1. To create research environment in the college
  2. To inspire students towards participation in research and development
  3. To ensure publication in quality journals which are indexed in scopus / UGC care list and  with impact factor
  4. To ensure that projects are socially beneficial and having potential for commercialization.

alard college of pharmacy research and IPR



Sr. No. Name of the member Designation
1 Dr. Ganesh S Andhale Faculty Incharge
2 Ms. Savita Deokar Faculty member
3 Mr. Vitthal Kale Student  member B. Pharm Final Yr
4 Ms. PrajwaliNikam Student  member B. Pharm Third Yr
5 Ms. Pooja Doijad Student  member B. Pharm Second Yr
6 Mr. Mohit Ninawe Student  member B. Pharm First Yr
7 Ms. Renu Yadav Student  member M. Pharm Second Yr
8 Mr. Kalpesh Mokal Student  member M. Pharm First Yr.

Institutional Code of Ethics

Institution is committed towards the ethics in the research and avoiding all possible malpractices and plagiarism. Morality, originality and secrecy are assimilated in the students. Students are also enlightened about plagiarism and wrong concepts as follows;

  1. All the projects as synopsis need to be presented for approval in front of the research committee.
  2. If the project involves use of animal, it should be approved by the committee for the purpose of control and supervision of Experiments on Animals (IAEC).
  3. IEC (Institutional Ethics Committee) should review for all ethical aspects and plagiarism.
  4. Researcher should submit the progress report through the guide/principal on a regular basis (Every 3 months).
  5. It is responsibility of the research guides to monitor the work carried out by the undergraduate, post graduate students.
  6. It is compulsory to include the certificate from the research student and guide in the thesis stating that the work carried out is original and references and other contributions have been duly acknowledged.
  7. In case of B. Pharm/M. Pharm students, the thesis shall contain Abstract, Introduction, literature review, aim, objectives, need of study, plan of work, materials and equipments, experimental method, result and discussion, summary and conclusion, future scope, references.
  8. In case of research grants proposals, the progress report shall contain Introduction, review of literature, hypothesis, objectives, methodology, result and conclusion.
Publication Guidelines:

  1. The Research work should be published in the UGC approved Journals.
  2. Researcher should present his work before the publication.
  3. Further researcher in discussion with guide shall decide the appropriate journal for publication.
  4. Researcher should follow the prescribed guidelines by journal.
  5. Researcher should then take permission from guide and principal to forward the manuscript to the journal.
  6. Researcher shall fill the undertaking by authors and submit to particular journal.
  7. Research Committee also critically analyzes the reviewer’s comments if any for malpractices and plagiarism for each publication in process.

Year of publication Name of the teacher Title of the book/chapter published Name of the publisher
2018-2019 Mrs. Swati Patil and Mrs. Sheetal Patil Medicinal chemistry –I S.Vikas and Company
2018-2019 Mrs. Swati Patil and Mrs. Sheetal Patil Medicinal chemistry-II S.Vikas and Company
2018-2019 Mrs. Swati Patil and Mrs. Sheetal Patil Practical Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-II S.Vikas and Company

List of the Research Project

Year of award of PG degree Name of the guide Name of the PG scholar Name of the Department Title of the thesis
2018-19 Dr. Sonia Singh Rukmini Metkare Pharmaceutics Design, Optimization and Characterization of controlled release formulation of Anti-depressant drug
Aarti Kapane Characterization of Quinoa as Disintegrant
Divya Sawant Formulation and Evaluation of Gastroretntive floating sustained release tablets of Tizanidine HCl
Rahul More Characterization and Application of Coriander powder as Pharmaceutical excipient
Shraddha Pokharkar Formulation and Evaluation of Mouth dissolving Buccal films of Vildagliptine
Amit Bombe Dr. Arshia Shariff Spectrospoic analysis of Ramolizine using hydrotropic solubilization tecnique
Archana Golait Quality by design in the optimization of formulation variables of Oral films
Ankita Kumbhar Solubility enhancement of Silymarin using Liquisolid technology
Ms. Nikita Kale Fateh Ali Mulani Design and evaluation of SEDDS of Curcumin by incorporating QbD
Pawde Jagannath Method of development and validation for simultaneous estimation of Ivacaftor and Lumacaftor by RP-HPLC method
Mr. Rahul Buchade Vishal Wagh Synthesis, Characterization, Development and Validation of RP-HPLC method for process related impurity in Ritonavir HCl bulk and formulation
Sandeep Tandale Analytical method development and validation of Antidiabetic Drugs.
Shubham Toranmal Development and validation of stability indicating HPLC method for simultaneous estimation of Milbemycin Oxime and Pranziquantel from bulk and marketed formulation
2017-18 Dr. Sonia Singh Jameel Aziz Sayyed Pharmaceutics Transdermal patches of Mefenamic Acid and Dicyclomine Hydrochloride
Mujawar Juber Mussa Formulation and evaluation of fast dissolving oral films of Prasugrel Hydrochloride
Pankaj Samapat Jagdale Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Tablet by Using Pullulan as Natural Polymer
Shoaib Shaikh Formulation and Evaluation of Sulfasalazine Gel for Alopecia areata
Sachin Khandagale Formulation, development and evaluation of oral osmotic drug delivery system of Captopril
Guide: Dr S. N. Dhole                        Co-guide: Dr. Sonia Singh Khandare Priya Characterization of Pregelatinized Buckwheat Seed Powder as Disintegrant
Guide: Dr S. N. Dhole                        Co-guide: Dr. Arshia Shariff Thakur Lakhansing Formulation and Evaluation of Mucoadesive Gel of Mangiferaindica Stem Bark Extract for Periodontal Diseases
Guide. Dr Vrushali Kashikar                    Co-guide: Dr. Arshia Shariff Shinde Vishakha Transdermal Drug Delivery System of Moxonidine
Vikram Sarode Formulation Development of Intranasal  Delivery System of Desloratidine
Guide: Dr K. H. Ramteke                              Co-guide: Dr. Arshia Shariff Shelke Shivaji Formulation and evaluation of mucoadhesive gel of eugenol for antifungal activity
Guide: Mrs. Vishakha Hastak                  Co-guide: Dr. Arshia Shariff Kasat Deepak Formulation Development of Anti-Ageing Cosmetic Cream
Salim Mulla Formulation Development and Evaluation of Anti-microbial Topical Gel of Thespesia Populnea Leaves Extract for Wound Healing
Guide: Dr A. R. Tekade                  Co-guide: Dr. Arshia Shariff Pathan Vajeed Khan A study on solubility enhancement methods for Ormeloxifene
Shendkar Yogesh Formulation and Evaluation of Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System of Darifenacin
Guide: Dr. Vitthal Chopade                            Co-guide: Mrs. Sheetal Patil Bhutda Bhagyshree Quality Assurance Techniques Development and validation of Fluconazole and cefixime by HPLC and HPTLC.
Chaudhari Priyanka Stability indicating HPLC method for simultanious determination of Sofosguvir and Ledispavir in marketed formulation
Guide: Dr.Anagha Joshi                        Co-guide: Mrs. Sheetal Patil Chavan Rajshree Stability indicating study of Levosulpride and Pantaprozole Sodium by HPTLC.
Guide: Dr.Anagha Joshi                        Co-guide: Mrs. Nikita Kale Deshmukh Ashwini Development of Stability indicating HPTLC method of Amlodipine and Chlorthalidone in pharmaceutical dosage form.
Guide: Prof. Somdatta Chaudhari                Co-guide: Mrs. Sheetal Patil                  Ghogare Deepak Novel Ecofriendly spectrophotometric estimation of some poorly water soluble drug using hydrotropic solubilization technique.
Malve Snehal Force degradation to develop stability indicating HPTLC method For Velpatasvir.
Guide: Prof. Mansi Waghdarekar                                       Co-guide: Mrs. Nikita Kale Patil Rohini Analytical method development and validation of Clofarabin, Co-Q-10, L-Asparaginase and in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form
  Guide: Prof. Mansi Waghdarekar                           Co-guide: Mrs. Sheetal Patil Shinde Sanket Estimation of free CRN197 contain in pneumococcal monovalent bulk conjugator by micellar electrokinetic chromatography using capillary eletrophoresis.
Mrs. Nikita Kale Potdar Nikhil Design, development and standardization of harbal formulation.
Guide: Dr. Rajendra Patil                                  Co-guide: Mrs. Sheetal Patil  More Ankit Determination of Norfloxacin and Tinidazole in pharmaceutical formulation by using chemometrics assisted uv spectrometric method.
Purkayastha Sandip Software validation of E-logbook(electronic data recording system)(PRAMAAN)
2016-17 Dr. Sonia Singh Bhamere Bhushan Pharmaceutics Formulation & evaluation of sustained release solid dosage form of Almotriptan malate for migraine
Dr. K H Ramteke Priyanka Patil Formulation development and evaluation of self-emulsifying drug delivery system of rosuvastatin calcium.
Dr. Bapurao Tarate Bhikne Chaitnya Formulation and evaluation of herbal anti-diabetic drug
Dr. Bapurao Tarate Deshmane Suraj Formulation & evaluation of Tianeptine sodium matrix tablets by sintering technique
Mrs. Vishakha Hastak Fegade Bhushan Development & characterization of sublingual film containing Ropinirole hydrochloride
Dr. A. P. Pandit Kankal Ashish To enhance solubility of Indomethacin by employing mixed solvency concept to develop ODT of the same by liquisolid technique
Dr. A. R. Tekade Patil Manisha Formulation development of different taste masked formulations for Chlorpheniramine maleate
Dr. A. R. Tekade Shinde Akshar Development & evaluation of solid self emulsifying drug delivery system of Lovastatin
Dr. Vrushali Kashikar Singh Priyesh Kumar To study use of Buckwheat seed powder as a tablet binder
Dr. K. S. Jain Bhambere Rajesh Quality Assurance Technique Impurity Study of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Meropenem by Forced Degradation Technique 
Doshi Kunal Development and Validation of Stability indicating RP-HPLC method for the estimation of Sofosbuvir
Mrs. Manisha Chavan Sachin Nikam Validation of Software System for High Performance Anion Exchange Chromatography
Mrs. Manisha Chavan Lamkhede Ankita Analytical method development and Validation for the estimation of Gliclazide and its ion complex in bulk & pharmaceutical dosage form
Mrs. Manisha Chavan Pratik Khandelwal Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method for Estimation of Piperine in  Trikatu Churna Granule Formulation
Mrs. Manisha Chavan Naik Sagar Stability indicating  HPTLC method for Anagrelide
Mrs. Manisha Chavan Patil Uttara Stability indicating  RP-HPLC method for simultaneous estimation of Tenofovir &Lamovudine
Mrs. Manisha Chavan Pote Ashwini Development of RP-HPLC method for Meclizine Hydrochloride using Quality By Design approach
2015-16 Dr. Sonia Singh Savita Shirke Pharmaceutics Design and Development of Montelukast sodium fast Dissolving Oral film
Swami Santosh Formulation And Evaluation Of Carbamazepine Mouth Dissolving Tablet
Pradip Waghmode Preparation and evaluation of mouth dissolving tablet of Gliclazide by direct compression technique
2014-15 Dr.  Sonia Singh Ganesh Gunjal Pharmaceutics Enhancement of solubility of Valsartan by using microwave assisted solid dispersion preparation method
Vaibhav Magar Formulation development & evaluation of Gastro retentive drug delivery system of anticonvulsant agent
Madhuri Malusare Formulation and Evaluation of Ibuprofen Suspension by Using Different Natural Suspending Agent
Amol Shinde Microwave induced solid dispersion  as novel technique for enhancing solubility of Rifampicin
Swati Wable To develop & prepare floating tablet of Atorvastatin calcium & Olmesartan Medoxomil

List of publication

Year of publication Name/s of the author/s Title of the paper Name of the journal
2018 - 2019 Shelar PA, Tikole S, Thorat MB. Pharmacognostic Studies and Pysicochemical analysis of leaves and stems of Coccinia Indica Wight and Arn. International Journal of Current Advanced Research.
2018 - 19 Singh P, Kashikar V, Shinde V, Tayade J Study of Buckwheat (Fagopyrum Esculentum) Seed Powder As A Tablet Binder Indian Drugs
2018 - 2019 Nagaraja Sree Harsha, Arshia Shariff,  Shendkar Y A, Bandar E, Al-Dhubiab, Meravanige G Development and Evaluation of a (SEDDS) Self- Emulsifying Drug Delivery System for Darifenacin Hydrobromide Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
2018 - 19 Kulkarni M B, Joshi A M, Patil R V A Novel HPTLC Method For Simultaneous Determination Of Co-Enzyme Q10 And Α-Tocopherol In Bulk And Pharmaceutical Formulation International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
2018 - 19 Tikole  S, Tarate B,  Shelar P Endophytic Micro Organisms as emerging Trend of Secondary metabolite. International Journal of Pharma Sciences and Research
2017 -18 Singh P, Tayade J, Shinde V, Ansari A F, Lamkhede A and Sonawane V Study of Buckwheat (Fagopyrum Esculentum) Seed Powder As A Tablet Binder International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research
2016-17 Ruchi S Shivhare, Debarshi Kar mahapatra, Rajani R, Nair, Swati N Deshmukh. Schiffs base derivatives of murrayanine demonstrated enhanced antioxidant activity than parent moiety. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
2016 -17 Swati N Deshmukh and Ujjwal K Singh. Nutraceuticals MIT International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2015 -16 Mahto S , Sutar M, Vishwasrao S and Chavan M. Preparation and standardisation of trikatu churna and its comparision to marketed formulations. European journal of pharmaceutical and medical research
2014 - 2015 Pisal R S, Shah S D, Panchal C B, Sapkal E A, Deshmukh S N. Chronopharmacognosy: An Overview. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars
2014 - 2015 Panchal C P, Sapkal E A, Choudhary H D, Padhiar J S, Deshmukh S N Determination of Sun Protecting factor of Pigment isolated from Bixa orellana. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars
2014 - 15 Singh S and Sutar M Formulation, Evaluation and HPTLC fingerprinting of topical ointments containing cassia tora linn. leaf extracts. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research