PO and PSO


  1. PO1. Pharmacy knowledge: Possess knowledge and Comprehension of the core and basic knowledge associated with the profession of pharmacy like Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Administrative Pharmacy Sciences and Manufacturing Practice.
  2. PO2. Cognitive Skills: Demonstrate effective planning abilities like time management, resource management, Job Delegation, and organizational skills.
  3. PO3. Analytical Skills: Utilize their critical thinking ability to analyze, evaluate and apply information systematically to make defendable decisions.
  4. PO4. Modern Tools and Instruments usage: Learn, Select, and apply appropriate methods and procedures, resources and pharmacy –related computing tools with an understanding of limitations. Capable of independently handling sophisticated equipments and instruments involved in manufacturing and analysis of pharmaceuticals.
  5. PO5.Professional Skills: Assume responsibilities and display leadership skills with ethics in fulfilling their role in profession and society. Communicate effectively with the peers, with team members  and in the role of a community pharmacist while making reports, documentations, counseling to patients and making presentations.
  6. P06. Pharmacist and Society: Engage in innovative research that impacts environment and society positively with sustainable development and display integrity of character as a responsible citizen of the country.
  7. P07. Life Long Learning: Recognize the need for and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning to remain updated of recent trends and developments in the profession of pharmacy.


  1. PSO.B1. Students will be able to acquire knowledge on basic principles of Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry Microbiology and Biotechnology in addition to Jurisprudence and Business management.
  2. PSO.B2. Students will be able to independently perform all experiments related to Synthesis, Formulation and Evaluation of Pharmaceutical products, Analysis of Chemical substances and substances of natural origin, Animal Studies and Microbiological studies.
  3. PSO.B3. Students will be able to analyze, interpret data generated in experiments and arrive at conclusions independently.
  4. PSO.B4. Students will be proficient in IT and Numerical skills with regards to making and delivering Presentations, Seminars, Group discussions, and socially conscious citizens by displaying team work in community service.


  1. PSO.M1. Students will acquire knowledge at an advance level regarding Advanced and Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Biopharmaceutics, Advanced Analytical Techniques, Quality Assurance Techniques, Drug Regulatory affairs and Research Methods.
  2. PSO.M2. Students will acquire research skills on Formulation development, Development of new analytical procedures, Develop New Quality Assurance Techniques, able to critically review literature, analyze data using various software applications and innovate to test new ideologies in science.
  3. PSO.M3. Students will be able to independently handle latest sophisticated instrument and equipment in addition to carrying out their calibration and validation periodically.
  4. PSO.M4. Students will be able to execute a short-term research project successfully under the guidance of a research supervisor and publish it in journals of national and international repute.