Training & Placement


India’s Pharmaceutical industry is slated to touch $ 55 billion target  by the end of 2020. With an annual growth rate of 15%, it creates a huge market for pharma professionals in all domains of pharma industry. Performance in an industry that is largely Global and professional is a challenge for fresh graduates and finding competant and skilled manpower is equally challenging for recruiters.Hence the first obstacle a student faces is in creating self confidence and shedding their inhibitions and complexes to enter a global market. This is taken up as the main mission of the T&P Cell.

 The Training and Placement Cell plays a dual role of :

  1. Placing the students in their careers of choice
  2. Providing training to improve their employability skills and  equip them with latest technology, trends, concepts and personality development.

This is achieved by well structured training programs such as:

  1. Add-on certificate courses with content on  emerging trends in pharma like Pharmacovigilance, Medical Coding, Clinical Research, IPR and  Regulatory Affairs.
  2. Workshops to groom students in social etiquettes, interpersonal relationships, team work, Decision making skills and crisis management.
  3. Memorandum of Understaning(MOU) signed with various training organizations to groom the students for personality Development
  4. Guest lectures organised to introduce students to various career domains in pharma like Pharma marketing, Production, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory affairs, Clinical Research, R&D, etc so that they can make informed choices and decisions while screening for job interviews.
  5. Network through Industry- Institute Interaction to help in bringing pharma industry to campus for placements.

 Placement opportunities are seen as:

  1. In-Campus Placement drives for our students.
  2. Alumni network that contribute towards placements through referrals.
  3. Off campus placement opportunities when specific requests for jobs are received through our network of Alumni and Professional contacts.
  4. Pooled campus interviews  for students of multiple colleges in one campus.  The college provides facilities for online tests, group discussions and personal interviews. A training and Placement committee comprising of a Chairman, a T&P head, Faculty in-charge and Student representatives as members organize the campus placement drives.
  5. Sending students for Walk-in Interviews in Industry.

At Alard, we train our students to be future ready professionals. It is essential for an academic institution to enlighten the students about the changing scenario of the pharma Industry in order to cultivate them as a new breed of future perfect professionals. They should be equipped with the right kind of knowledge, technical skills, innovative ideas and an ability to think out of the box. The industry expectations have gone higher and only those survive and sustain who have the right attitude and skills to accept challenges and increase the performance ladder each day. Hard work alone is no more the key to success. Individuals are expected to work smarter and consistently without failure. Thus, it is survival of the fittest.

The placement cell of Alard college of pharmacy gives importance to assist its students in getting all skills as well as best suited placement after successful completion of their studies. We also insure that every student gets right skills and domain knowledge so that they are easily acceptable to the industry. We organize various activities and workshops that enable students to be effective learners as well as team players and leaders. If you are looking for best business talent, Alard College of Pharmacy is one of the best choices that can meet your expectations and contribute to your human resource talent pool. Its my privilege to invite you to visit our campus for your admissions and assure you of good placements.

Training & Placement Team

Sr. No Names Designation Contact Number
1 Dr. Sonia Singh Chairman 9850799879
2 Mr. Anurag Srivastav Training & Placement Head 7651865371
3 Ms. Anjali Kide Incharge 9960937602
4 Ms. Swapna Baraskar Faculty Member 9075273398
5 Mr. Rahul Sharma Secretary 9029982396
6 Mr. Sachin Pandey Member T.Y 8698464100
7 Mr. Pankaj Gupta Member S.Y 8879711017

Our Recruiter's

Our Placement's Record

Sr.No. Name of Student Course Passing Year Company Name
1 Santosh Bhagat B.Pharm 2018 Epi Source Pvt.Ltd, Mumbai
2 Borhade Ashwini B.Pharm 2018 Epi Source Pvt.Ltd, Mumbai
3 Brijesh Kumar B.Pharm 2018 Novosalvus, Pune
4 ChaudharyMahendra B.Pharm 2018 Advantmed India LLP, Ahamdabad
5 Doiphode Vivek B.Pharm 2018 Advantmed India LLP, Ahamdabad
6 Ghosh Paushali B.Pharm 2018 Advantmed India LLP
7 Gupta Vipul B.Pharm 2018 Advantmed India LLP
8 Hatagale Martina B.Pharm 2018 Advantmed India LLP, Ahamdabad
9 Kadam Pratik B.Pharm 2018 Advantmed India LLP, Ahamdabad
10 Mankeshware Deepti B.Pharm 2018 Novosalvus, Pune
11 Parmar Mahendra B.Pharm 2018 Epi Source Pvt.Ltd, Mumbai
12 Singh Shubham B.Pharm 2018 Advantmed India LLP, Ahamdabad
13 Takmoge Abhishek B.Pharm 2018 Advantmed India LLP, Ahamdabad
14 Vishwakarma Ankit B.Pharm 2018 Epi Source Pvt.Ltd, Mumbai
15 Vishwakarma Dilip B.Pharm 2018 Epi Source Pvt.Ltd, Mumbai
16 Zodge Akash B.Pharm 2018 Advantmed India LLP, Ahamdabad
17 Rupesh Anand B.Pharm 2017 Sciformix Technology Pvt Ltd, Pune
18 Akshay Gurav B.Pharm 2017 Hospital Pharmacist, Govt. Hospital, Sangvi, Pune
19 Alpesh Kendre B.Pharm 2017 Medical coding, Pune
20 Sonal Khanvilkar B.Pharm 2017 ICMD,Mumbai
21 Sonal Manave B.Pharm 2017 Drug Safety Associate,Cognizant , Mumbai
22 Dhananjay Narawade B.Pharm 2017 MR – at Trainee professional service
23 Akshay Panchakshari B.Pharm 2017 Hospital Pharmacist, SasunHospital, Pune
24 Rasika Parulekar B.Pharm 2017 SLN Pharmachem, Mumbai
25 Swapnil Pawar B.Pharm 2017 Medical coding, 3GEN consultancy services, Pune
26 Jyoti Reddy B.Pharm 2017 TCS, Mumbai
27 Aniket Shinde B.Pharm 2017 QA officer, Gujrat
28 Dilip Vala B.Pharm 2017 Lyka Lab, Mumbai
29 Ajgaonkar Pradnya B.Pharm 2016 Gebbs Healthcare, Mumbai
30 Bangar Vishnu B.Pharm 2016 QA officer at Fresenius Kabi , Goa
31 Bharatiya Varsha B.Pharm 2016 TCS, Mumbai
32 Bhoite Satyajeet B.Pharm 2016 Medical Coding, Gujrat
33 Bhor Ankita B.Pharm 2016 Cognizant Technology Solutions, Pune
34 Dalvi Priyanka B.Pharm 2016 TCS, Mumbai
35 Gholve Pratap B.Pharm 2016 Shreya Lifesciences, Aurangabad
36 Giri Jitendra B.Pharm 2016 Working as a marketing representative
37 Jadhav Baliram B.Pharm 2016 Gebbs Healthcare, Mumbai
38 Kale Sharad B.Pharm 2016 QA officer at Fresenius Kabi , Goa
39 Paul Tanaji B.Pharm 2016 Marketing representative
40 Phatke Prasad B.Pharm 2016 Clerk, Indian Miltry (Govt. Job)
41 Pinate Amar B.Pharm 2016 Gebbs, Mumbai
42 Randive Rohan B.Pharm 2016 MR, Mumbai
43 Raut Rohan B.Pharm 2016 MR, Mumbai
44 Raut Sujaykumar B.Pharm 2016 TCS, Mumbai
45 Sayyed Jameel B.Pharm 2016 Access Healthcare, Pune
46 Shaikh Mosim B.Pharm 2016 MR, Sunpharma, Mumbai
47 Shelke Shivaji B.Pharm 2016 Access Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, Pune
48 Shendkar Yogesh B.Pharm 2016 Access Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, Pune
49 Singh Ranjit B.Pharm 2016 MR, Mumbai
50 Singh Snehal B.Pharm 2016 TCS,Mumbai
51 Singh Ujjwal B.Pharm 2016 Mylon Laboratories, Nasik
52 Thombare Vishal B.Pharm 2016 Access Healthcare, Pune
53 Turkunde Ganesh B.Pharm 2016 TCS, Mumbai
54 Vhasure Pravin B.Pharm 2016 Workhardt PharmaceuticalsLtd, Daman
55 Vishwakarma Ankit B.Pharm 2016 TCS, Mumbai
56 Abul faiz afzal ahmed ansari B.Pharm 2015 TCS
57 Dinesh kumar jasaram B.Pharm 2015 Marketing
58 Disha Suresh B.Pharm 2015 TCS
59 Rahul kiritkumar jadav B.Pharm 2015 IPCA
60 Hanumant Pandurang Kolhatekar B.Pharm 2015 EMCURE
61 Chirag Bharatkumar Panchal B.Pharm 2015 TCS
62 Vivek Vinayak Pawer B.Pharm 2015 TCS
63 Priyakumari Manohar Mehta B.Pharm 2015 KT
64 Vikrant Jagdish Sankpal B.Pharm 2015 TCS
65 Santoshkumar Jaykrishna Mahto B.Pharm 2015 GIBBS
66 Amruta Ramchandra Watere B.Pharm 2015 COGNIZANT
67 Pravin Prakash Murumkar B.Pharm 2015 Gibbs
68 Ganesh Sainath Sanap B.Pharm 2015 TCS
69 Swagat Dhaneshkumar Shah B.Pharm 2015 ABMH
70 Akash Sudma Sawant B.Pharm 2015 ACCES IT
71 Manik Rajabhau Ambad B.Pharm 2015 GIBBS
72 Khandu Bhagwan Gundgire B.Pharm 2015 GIBBS
73 Akash Rajendra Patil B.Pharm 2015 ACCES IT
74 Ronit Chandrakant shinde B.Pharm 2015 TCS
75 Navnath Pandurang Korke B.Pharm 2015 ACCES IT
76 Nilesh Shivaji Chandanshive B.Pharm 2014 COGNIZANT
77 Priyanka Mohan Kunjar B.Pharm 2014 TCS
78 Nitin Ashok Mhaske B.Pharm 2014 Cipla
79 Vaibhav Jadhav B.Pharm 2014 Neeyamo
80 Vaibhav Jadhav B.Pharm 2014 Neeyamo
81 Priyanka Jathar B.Pharm 2014 Neeyamo
82 Supriya Kale B.Pharm 2013 IBM Solution PVT LTD
83 Yogesh Subhash Patil B.Pharm 2013 Cipla
84 Somesh Ghanwat B.Pharm 2013 Omni Active Health Tech
85 Ganesh Gunjal B.Pharm 2013 Agio pharmaceutical LTD
86 Ketan Marulkar B.Pharm 2013 Neeyamo
87 Attish Sathe B.Pharm 2013 Sun pharma
88 Tejas Shelke B.Pharm 2013 Neeyamo
89 Vaibhav Mager B.Pharm 2013 Ajanta pharma
90 Sanket Patyane B.Pharm 2013 Fusion pharma