NSS Activity

alard college of pharmacy NSS Activity


National Service Scheme (NSS) unit of Alard College of Pharmacy (ACP) is an active social service group that functions with an aim to develop the personality of the students through social service programmes in the community of Marunji and society at large. The primary objective of this unit is to benefit the community by providing selfless service in terms of health, hygiene, social issues sensitization and service rendered during national calamities like Floods, earthquakes etc. The NSS unit of ACP also takes part in the annual special camp organized by the university wherein they learn to co-ordinate, bond and serve the community in groups. Students enhance their team work building capacity, organizational skills and standing up to challenges in adversity.

The main objectives of National Service Scheme (NSS) are:

  1. To enable the students to understand the community in which they work
  2. To understand themselves in relation to their community
  3. To identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem solving process
  4. To develop competence required for group living and sharing responsibilities.
  5. To acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.
  6. To encourage national integration and develop the capacity to meet emergencies and national disasters.

NSS unit takes up activities as follows

  1. Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan
  2. Teach rural initiative
  3. Road Safety Awareness Programme
  4. Helmet Awareness Programmes
  5. Blood Donation campaign
  6. Plastic ban awareness programmes
  7. Health awareness campaigns
  8. Tree Plantation
  9. Flood Relief campaigns