NAAC Criterion 8 Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities

Sr.No. 8.1 Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities Download
8.1.1 Module * developed on competency based curriculum enrichment as per PCI / AICTE guidelines during the last five years  
8.1.2 Internal assessment methods adopted (preceding academic year data)  
8.1.3 Average percentage of Quality Improvement Programme (QIP)/ leadership training undergone by teachers  
8.1.4 Percentage of teachers who have membership in professional bodies (i.e., IPA, APTI, IPGA, IHPA, AASP, FIP, IACP etc.,) during the last five years  
8.1.5 Safety norms adopted and preparedness available in the college.  
8.1.6 New physical facilities created, Equipment added during the last 5 years. 8.1.6_a
Download 8.1.6_b

8.1.7 Software available in the institution for Teaching-Learning Process and Research  
8.1.8 Availability and usage of following facilities 8.1.8_a
8.1.9 Maintenance and Utilization of Equipment /Instruments Download 8.1.9_a
8.1.10 Annual Pharmacy internal Audits conducted in the following areas Download 8.1.10
8.1.11 Is the Pharmacy College / laboratory accredited by any National Accrediting agency