NAAC Criterion 1 Curricular Aspects

Sr. No. 1.1 Curricular Planning and Implementation Download
1.1.1 The Institution ensures effective curriculum planning, delivery and evaluation through a well defined process as prescribed by the respective regulatory councils and the affiliating University. Download 1.1.1_a

Download 1.1.1_b
1.1.2 Percentage of fulltime teachers participating in BoS /Academic Council of Universities during the last five years. (Restrict data to BoS/Academic Council only)  
1.2 Academic Flexibility
1.2.1 Percentage of inter-disciplinary / inter-departmental courses /training across all the Programmes offered by the College during the last five years  
1.2.2 Average percentage of students enrolled in subject-related Certificate/Diploma / Add-on courses as against the total number of students during the last five years  
1.3 Curriculum Enrichment
1.3.1 The Institution integrates cross-cutting issues relevant to gender,environment and sustainability, human values, health determinants,Right to Health and emerging demographic issues and Professional Ethics into the Curriculum as prescribed by the University / respective regulative councils Download 1.3.1 a

Download 1.3.1 b
1.3.2 Number of value-added courses offered during the last five years that impart transferable and life skills 1.3.2
1.3.3 Average percentage of students enrolled in the value-added courses during the last five years Download 1.3.3
1.3.4 Percentage of students undertaking field visits/Clinical / industry internships/research projects/industry visits/community postings (data for the preceding academic year) 1.3.4_a
1.4 Feedback System
1.4.1 Mechanism is in place to obtain structured feedback on curricula/syllabi from various stakeholders Structured feedback received from 1) Students, 2) Teachers, 3) Employers, 4) Alumni, 5) Professionals 1.4.1
1.4.2 Feedback on curricula and syllabi obtained from stakeholders is processed in terms of: 1.4.2