Committee & Disclousures

We at Alard College of Pharmacy have various committees.

Governing Body comprises of well-known people from the field of industry, academic and civil services having plethora of knowledge in their respective fields.

Sr. No. Member Name Designation
1 Dr. L. R. Yadav Chairperson nominated by the registered trust
2 Mr. R. S. Yadav Secretary (Alard Charitable Trust)
3 Mr. R. S. Varma Member (Nominated by Trust)
4 Dr. S. N. Singh Member (Nominated by Trust)
5 Dr. Sanjay Singh Member (Nominated by Trust)
6 Mr.Ganesh Andhale Member (Teaching Staff)
7 Dr. Arshia Shariff Member (Teaching Staff)
8 Dr. Amit Dutta Member (Representative AICTE)
9 Dr. A. Wagh Member (Representative DTE)
10 SPPU Representative Member (Representative SPPU)
11 Dr. Sonia Singh Member Secretary (Principal)


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr .L.R.Yadav Chairman (Chairman, Alard Group of institute)
2 Shri. R.S. Yadav Secretary(Secretary, Alard Group of institute)
3 Dr Sonia Singh Member Secretary (Principal)
4 Dr.Arshia Shariff Member (HOD of QAT Department )
5 Dr. Ganesh Andhale Member (HOD of P. Chemistry Department)
6 Ms. Pallavi Bhujbal Member (HOD of Pharmacognosy Department)
7 Mr.Vitthal Chavan Member (Non teaching staff)
8 Mr.Vinay Yadav Local Member (Nominated by management)
9 Mr.Anurag Shrivastav Local Member (Nominated by management)
10 Dr.S.N.Singh Local Member (Nominated by management)
11 Mr.S.S.Wadhwa Local Member (Nominated by management)
12 Dr. Nalanda Borkar Coordinator of IQAC (HOD of Pharmaceutics Department)
13 Miss. Shraddha Mulik President College Student Council
14 Mr. AbhishekShukla Secretary of College Student Council
15 Mr. Manoj Singh Alumni representative


Public Information Officers Dr. Sonia Singh
Appellate Authority Mr. R.S.Yadav


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Sonia K. Singh Chairman (Principal Alard College of Pharmacy)
2 Dr. R.S.Yadav Member Nominated by management (Secretary, Alard Group of institute)
3 Dr.Naland Borkar Coordinator of IQAC (HOD of Pharmaceutics Department)
4 Dr. Arshia Shariff Member (Teacher representative)
5 Ms. Pallavi Bhujbal Member (Teacher representative)
6 Dr.Ganesh Andhale Member (Teacher representative)
7 Mr. Mukul S. Tambe Member (Teacher representative)
8 Mr. Vithal Chavhan Member (Admin department)
9 Mrs. Poonam Sameer Buchade Member (Nominee from local society)
10 Miss. Shraddha Mulik Member (Nominee from student)
11 Mr. Manoj Singh Member (Nominee from alumni)
12 Mr. Sachin Khot Member (Nominee from employer)
13 Mr. S. S. Seth Member (Nominee from industry)
14 Mrs. Shama Narwekar Member (Nominee from stakeholders)