Anti Ragging Committee

Objectives of Anti-Ragging Committee

  1. Constitution of Anti-Ragging Committee and Anti Ragging Squad
  2. Online undertaking of students for anti-ragging
  3. Setting up of Anti-Ragging Cell
  4. Installing CCTV cameras at vital points
  5. Anti-Ragging Workshops
  6. Regular interaction and counseling with the students
  7. Identification of trouble-triggers
  8. Mention of Anti-Ragging warning in the Institution’s prospectus and information Booklets
  9. Display of anti-ragging committee with contact details in college/hostel
  10. Surprise inspection of hostels, student accommodation, canteens, rest cum recreational rooms, toilets, and any other measures which would augur well in preventing/quelling ragging and any uncalled for behavior/ incident shall be undertaken by anti-ragging squad.


Alard College of Pharmacy constitutes the Anti Raging Cell with the following Committee members for the Academic Year 2019-20.

Sr. No. Name Designation Contact No. and Email Id
1 Dr. Sonia Singh, Principal Chairman 9850799879
2 Mr. Balasaheb  Buchade Member (Civil and Police representative) 8888011811
3 Mr. Avadumbar Member (Local Media) 9850272923
4 Dr. Nalanda D. Borkar Member (Teaching Staff) 9561104489
5 Dr. Ganesh S. Andhale Member (Teaching Staff) 9113838633
6 Mr. Tammanna A. Bhuraguda Member (Parent Representative) 9881715573
7 Mr. Vithal Chavan Member (Non-Teaching Staff) 9822956860
8 Mr. Nitin Pradhan NGO Member 8805001100
9 Mr. Ashutosh Thakur Student Member (Final Yr. B. Pharm.) 8007663268
10 Ms. Shraddha Mulik Student Member (Final Yr. B. Pharm.) 7391946774
11 Mr. Mohit Ninawe Student Member (F. Y. B. Pharm.) 7020716791
12 Ms. Navya Rao Student Member (F.Y. B. Pharm) 8150819018
13 Mr. Shashi Yadav Boy’s Hostel Rector 8390553481
14 Ms. Sangita Babar Girls Hostel Rector 7350306329
15 Mr. Tanaji Botre Non-teaching staff 9604308668
16 Ms. Anjali Kide Teaching Staff 9960937602