About Alard Charitable Trust

Alard Charitable trust, an educational trust is registered under Bombay Charitable trust Act 1960 bearing Registration No. E-2964-Pune dated 3rd Nov 1999. There are five trustees and all of them are associated with the educational field, Industry and corporate world.

Dr. L. R.Yadav is the promoter & the chairmen of the trust having 22 years of experience in the field of Consultancy, Turnkey Projects, Engineering and Marketing and Exports.

The trust is established for promoting the educational activities and program as well as to create job opportunities for rural masses.  Presently trust is running the following institutes.

  1. Alard Institute of Management Sciences
  2. Alard College of Pharmacy
  3. Alard School of Business Management
  4. Alard College of Engineering and Management
  5. Alard Public School
  6. Alard Junior College