B.Pharm Course Structure

Course Structure of B. Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm), Choice Code - 635982310
Intake : 60 students
Course Structure (as per Savitribai Phule Pune University)
It is a full time 4 years (8 semesters) professional degree course with one month industrial training to be completed during the course period.


The four major Departments under Pharmaceutical Sciences are as follows:

1.    Pharmaceutics (Study of Dosage Forms/ Formulations)
2.    Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Study of Chemistry of Drug Molecules and Study of Analytical  techniques)
3.    Pharmacognosy (Study of Drugs of Natural Origin)
4.    Pharmacology (Study of Action of Drugs)

The Students of B. Pharm acquire a sufficient understanding of scientific principles and techniques of pharmaceutical sciences together with associated problem solving skills. In order to provide the students with co-ordinated understanding, comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of formulation, dispensing, manufacturing, packing, usage and biopharmaceutical applications of drugs including the study of clinical and hospital pharmacy, medicines, cosmetics and microbiological testing of raw and finished products is covered in the Dept. of Pharmaceutics. The structure and working of machineries used in the formulation and manufacturing is also studied in pharmaceutical engineering. The above all aspect are studied theoretically as well as practically.

Under the Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis covers basic and advanced, organic and inorganic chemistry, reactions of drugs / intermediates / additives in biological systems, chemistry of drugs, Structure Activity Relationships (SAR), synthesis of drugs and intermediates on laboratory scale and analysis of drugs and raw materials by instrumental, titrimetric and volumetric methods. The applications of theory are taken in the laboratory.

The identification, isolation, cultivation of plants / crude drugs / herbals are studied thoroughly according to traditional / conventional methods in the Dept. of Pharmacognosy. The drugs of plant, animal and marine origin constitute the major part of the subject. The value addition and updating in the subject is done from new and fast emerging era of Biotechnology and Pharmacogenomics.

The human anatomy and physiology along with pathophysiological and clinical aspects are taught at beginning of the course. The absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs / mechanism of action and screening of new molecules are studied theoretically as well as practically in animal, models and human beings in the third and final year of course under Dept. of Pharmacology.

Other supporting subjects include Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence, Pharmaceutical Business Management, and Communication and Soft Skill Development are covered in the entire course of pharmacy at various levels.

Following Subjects are offered according to PCI
: (T-Theory, P-Practical)

First Year B.Pharm

  Semester I   Semester II
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I (T&P)
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology II (T&P)
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis I (T&P)
  • Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I (T&P)
  • Pharmaceutics I (T&P)
  • Biochemistry (T&P)
  • Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry (T&P)
  • Pathophysiology (T)
  • Communication skills (T&P)
  • Computer Applications in Pharmacy (T&P)
  • Remedial Biology (T&P) / Remedial Mathematics (T)
  • Environmental Sciences (T )

Second Year B.Pharm

  Semester III   Semester IV
  • Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II (T&P)
  • Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry III (T)
  • Physical Pharmaceutics I (T&P)
  • Medicinal Chemistry I (T&P)
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology (T&P)
  • Physical Pharmaceutics II (T&P)
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering (T&P)
  • Pharmacology I (T&P)
  • Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry I (T&P)

Third Year B.Pharm

  Semester V   Semester VI
  • Medicinal Chemistry II  (T)
  • Medicinal Chemistry III (T&P)
  • Formulative Pharmacy (T&P)
  • Pharmacology III (T&P)
  • Pharmacology II (T&P)
  • Herbal Drug Technology (T&P)
  • Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry II (T&P)
  • Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics (T)
  • Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence (T)
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology(T)
  • Quality Assurance (T)

Final Year B.Pharm

  Semester VII   Semester VIII
  • Instrumental Methods of Analysis (T &P)
  • Biostatistics and Research Methodology (T)
  • Industrial Pharmacy (T)
  • Social and Preventive Pharmacy (T)
  • Pharmacy Practice (T)
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing (T)
  • Novel Drug Delivery System (T)
  • Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science (T)
  • Pharmacovigilance (T)
  • Quality Control and Standardizations of Herbals (T)
  • Computer Aided Drug Design (T)
  • Cell and Molecular Biology (T)
  • Cosmetic Science (T)
  • Experimental Pharmacology (T)
  • Advanced Instrumentation Techniques (PW)